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The first practical electric cars were produced in the 1880s. We are now in 2018 and electric vehicles are still not affordable. Why is that? What is missing?

It seems that it does not suffice to buy the same old EV technology & wrap it up with the best, newest design. People are not fools. Irrespective of its looks, the real secret of a great car is still inside it. You could always ask a famous celebrity or A-list star to promote your car but it can only improve the look of your car. Fantastic design is no more than a bonus. We hear fabulous stories of EVs but the pink bubble bursts when you realise that those stories are just empty content vetted by public relations officers. You must applaud the efforts of the media, who make success stories from these unsubstantiated claims. What is missing?

In the last 25 years alone, car manufacturers and others have spent over $10 billion on EVs but the really new EV technology still seems to be missing. There are experts who are working on various disciplines of EV technology but do you know anybody who can really see the big picture & has the technology of the next EV generation?

Let me please introduce you to a person who also has invested over $1 million and 25 years of work into EV business. He comes from a family with a long entrepreneurial past. He has manifested his entrepreneurial skills from as early as 1975, before starting work in 1983 as an engineer, with a diploma from a polytechnic institute, obtaining further expertise in electronics, electro-technics and mechanics. He has the mind of a genius and can always find solutions for any electricity problems because he, unlike some others, is really able to see the big picture.

He has over 20 years of education, including M.I.T. supervised trainings and 7 years of field experience as a Chief Service Engineer and entrepreneurial experience as a Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer (CEO & CFO). He was always looking for new venture possibilities.

He became aware of the limitations of the existing knowledge in the electricity field and spent years working to understand them, which made him able to work out new systems, theories and related new technologies without the limitations of the existing technologies.

He discovered 2 new Laws of Physics in the electricity field and he has created proofs of concept since 1994. Based on his knowledge of science and his entrepreneurial and engineering skills, he implemented new, original technologies, including but not limited to his battery charging technology in his US-based Advanced Electric System Ltd. (later FazTech Inc.) through the ARNOLD Machinery Company. He extended his entrepreneurial vision to a large number of technologies in the energetic field, including generators and motors, and he has over 13 granted patents, original technologies and over 4 decades of experience in the field of energy-focused business.

His name is Andras Fazakas and he is the CEO of FCORP UK The Energy Handling Ltd. FAZAKAS SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGIES & BUSINESS

Mr Fazakas invites you on a journey inside the world of EV to prove the superiority of his brand-new Fazakas Technologies – the solution the world was waiting for to be able to make EV business profitable and sustainable. In FCORP’s Reference One car, a genuine prospect for a car of the future has been born. Sponsors are needed as well as partners for this venture in order to make a difference and to make the world better with FCORP FAZAKAS TECHNOLOGIES.


Mrs Reka Pardi-Kezi
Partner/ Personal Assistant to Mr Fazakas (CEO)